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Dental Health

I have regrown and healed a chipped tooth, healed several cavities, and kept all my wisdom teeth which were a huge issue before changing my oral routine and changing my diet.  All naturally, no dentist.  My dental health has improved greatly now that I stopped going to dentists and instead learned how to take care of my teeth.

What do I recommend for teeth?

I recommend eating lots of greens & superfoods/herbs to boost your mineral content.  Sea vegetables are great for boosting mineral content as well.  Include them daily.

I recommend ToothSoap, pure cold pressed neem oil and also the best magnesium oil ever (others may not give desired results) and Ormus Gold.  If you can, do some fasting on green juices.  Alternate brushing with toothsoap & neem oil.  Spray the magnesium oil in your mouth and swish it around for a few minutes each day.  You can also use the neem for 'oil pulling'.  A tea you can drink to help build teeth is made from horsetail, nettle, hemp LEAF (not seed or oil but the actual leaf), cacao & maca. 

  Simple steps:

1) Get yourself a natural bristle soft bristle toothbrush. They are actually cheaper then regular toothbrushes and they feel and work so much better.  Just try going back to a plastic bristle brush after a week of using the natural ones and you will see what I mean!

2) Toss your toxic toothpaste. If it comes in a tube, even if it says natural, it's worthless and harmful.  You are better off using pure neem oil even though it tastes um.. "strong", trust me you get used to it.  You can use it at night before bed, and use a toothsoap or gum joy oil in the morning for better smelling breath.  They taste and smell really good.  Neem just has some amazing properties you would greatly benefit from. 

All popular toothpastes on the market that you see being sold are worthless when it comes to teeth regrowth. Why is that, you ask? Well, ALL of them (including Organic healthy brands like “Tom’s of Maine”) contain glycerin which covers your teeth every time you brush them and prevents re-enamelization.

You can order pure neem oil (no other ingredients) online, or see if it's in your local health store.  Whole Foods Market carries it.

3) Use a water pik every evening before bed (you can add a few drops of neem oil to the lukewarm water).

4) Stay away from processed foods and drinks. Sure you can have some here and there, but overall if you are not supplying your body with the nutrients it needs, you just can't experience health and wellbeing. There is just no way around this. Proper nutrition, clean water, exercise, sunlight, fresh air, positive attitude, and your expectation, will heal just about anything!  So eat real food.  All the animals on earth eat natural food- nothing cooked or processed or full of chemicals.  They do not get cancer, allergies, cavities and all these civilized diseases we now have.. but the animals we domesticate and feed unnatural diets to, now get the same diseases we do.  Eat more raw and natural foods and eat less things in packaging that are cheap and heavily marketed to the masses.  Just this step alone will cause a huge shift and heal the rest.. however you have to want it, believe it and do it.

The next important thing is the nutrition for your teeth so they have enough nutrients to grow. You don’t expect your house plant to grow without water, do you? And now you are probably thinking that I’m going to talk about calcium and such, and you can’t be more wrong. Of course, calcium is important for your bone growth and formation but even more important for your hair, nails and teeth is the mineral called Silica (Silicon). You don’t have enough of this mineral in your diet and you can take a ton of calcium and brush your teeth 5 times a day and still will be loosing your teeth just like your hair in the shower as you get older.

There is a formula that is known to provide a sufficient nutritional support for your tooth repair/growth. It will improve your teeth, bones and connective tissue, and will also help calcium metabolize in your body (without it most of your calcium will go right through you, especially if you take it as a part of a common multi-vitamin formula).

1 part Kelp seaweed, 1 part Oatstraw, 1 part Horsetail. Get 1 ounce of the formula in 1 pint of filtered water to a boiling temperature and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Drink half a cap in the morning and evening every day until you see the improvement.

Here are some links to help you find the things I recommend (these are things I use myself)

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More About Oil Pulling

If brushing, flossing, massive fluoridation campaigns, and dental surgery were effective in preventing tooth decay, it would not get worse over time. It would stay the same, or get better. This is what I refer to as unscientifically sound practices. If we are to examine the effects of our dental care as a society, the statistics clearly show it is a failure, as tooth decay becomes worse and worse over time. Either Nature is fundamentally flawed and has doomed us to a life that includes decaying teeth, or humans are flawed in understanding and utilizing Nature.

Until we change the way we live, and return to more natural and life-building foods, the trend of tooth decay worsening with age, will continue.

In our society we have deep beliefs in disease and suffering. We believe that “life is suffering.” Or some say that “to be human is to be in a state of sin.” Many of us are not totally conscious of these beliefs, or others like them, so we inadvertently look past answers staring us blatantly in the face. We promote systems such as dental surgery and water fluoridation, which are many times not necessary given the light of knowledge showing us that our teeth are not designed to decay.

You can minimize your tooth decay, indeed prevent it entirely and even heal it once a cavity has formed, if you make good choices for yourself based on the knowledge of decay-free indigenous people.  Weston Price documented how our modern nutrition program is a primary cause of disease and tooth decay.

We continue to fool ourselves, saying that diseases are not curable. But it is time to move away from these limiting beliefs. The cause of tooth decay is known, and knowable. From this knowledge, let us become empowered to take more responsibility for our dental health.

Why go natural for tooth and gum health? (article)

It is now a widely recognized fact that tooth decay is really a disease of the modern civilization.

How To Enjoy Healthy Teeth & Gums - In Spite Of Your Dentist (article)

You could very easily live out an entire lifetime and never see a dentist.  The biggest problem that this whole situation faces is the lack of knowledge.  In the first place, the public does not have this knowledge, but that's not really where the problem lies.  If you don't believe that these things can work, if you don't want to understand how they work, if you're not willing to deal with an open mind and learn that there may be some other ways to think about this, well then your best bet is to just continue what dentists have been preaching for a long time. You will then have a typical pattern of a lot of cavities and gum problems and root canals and all different kinds of things.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (article)

That modern man is declining in physical fitness has been emphasized by many eminent sociologists and other scientists. That the rate of degeneration is progressively accelerating constitutes a cause for great alarm, particularly since this is taking place in spite of the advance that is being made in modern science along many lines of investigation.  No era in the long journey of mankind reveals in the skeletal remains such a terrible degeneration of teeth and bones as this brief modern period records.  The following chapters record many of the excellent practices of the primitives and they are presented here with the hope that they will be helpful in a program designed to relieve mankind of some of the misfortunes common in the present social order and to prevent disorders for future generations of civilized peoples.

Save Your Teeth and Be Well - Good Teeth from Birth To Death (article)

by Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemistry and Fluoride Researcher

I now place in everyone's hand the complete answer to tooth cavities. Following this procedure there will not be one more cavity, one more gingivitis case, or one more fluorosed, brittle, cracked tooth in the world. The 55-year fight with fluoride promoters (dentists) is over since research now establishes for certain that fluoride makes the teeth WORSE and not better.


Combat Cavities By Re-Growing Your Decaying Teeth

A team of researchers at the University of Leeds' School of Chemistry is developing a pain-free method to combat cavities.

The technique uses a fluid called P 11-4 that has a fiber-like peptide. When the fluid is applied to a damaged tooth, it fills the tooth's cavities and forms a gel matrix that attracts calcium.

Slowly, this matrix will rebuild the damaged part of the tooth. Best of all, there's no Novocaine, no drilling and no maniacal dentists involved. 

Here are a couple videos that explain the process of remineralising the teeth:

Re-grow Your Teeth

Teeth have the ability to heal, repair themselves, and even grow a new full tooth!

All these years they've been telling us that teeth simply won't grow back after your adult set comes in. What they failed to mention was that 1 in 500,000 people have done it, NATURALLY.

Doctors have been studying how to make teeth grow back for over a decade now.

What is shocking is how simple it is, and how this technology has actually worked on ALL test subjects!

We are finding out that the body can do some pretty amazing things!

If you've always thought re-growing teeth was impossible, then you should realize that you simply believed what other people told you. Not only can you actually regrow teeth but you can even use your tooth root to repair chipped teeth, and even holes- no fillings needed.

I tend to believe anything is possible and always have. I'm a rational person and I'm by no means gullible but belief is a strong force..

The way I saw it was if the body could grow it once it had to be capable of growing it again. Even if whatever was responsible for growing the tooth in the first place went dormant, or missing, the body is capable of much more than many realize..

Re-growing teeth, even the third set after the baby teeth, IS possible AND has been done!  After the adult tooth grows in and comes out, you can actually grow another tooth.. and for that matter as many as you need!

The body is truly self sufficient though sometimes much like muscle growth, it needs some help stimulating its functions (i.e. exercise causes the muscles to grow if we don't do something that physically demands the use of those muscles).

Dinosaurs, animals, sharks all can/could regrow their teeth because they actively used them almost continuously.. stimulating the gums and more, although their is more to it than just using the teeth.  This provided some clues to scientists much like birds showed us how to make a plane work.

It will blow your mind why we couldn't before.. Actually we could- we just didn't understand how.

The technology that has been developed to regrow teeth has also been tested to regrow bones, making re-growing a lost limb possible as well.

Here are some links I have collected on re-growing teeth:

Regrow Teeth, Link 01

Regrow Teeth, Link 02

So now you know... It seems that all things that used to be impossible are no longer so.. (in my mind they never were.. it was more an out of sight out of mind, believe the bs the media feeds you). When you see your missing teeth grow back your going to flip out!

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