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 Hello and welcome to The Raw Path! 

Here you will find information, inspiration and support for eating a diet centered around healthy whole fresh raw foods and superfoods! 

This site has been created for anyone who is interested in adding in more raw foods to their diet and for those who desire to eat an all raw food diet.  
This site is created for those who decide to take responsibility for their own health, who know that their own body is the true healer and that all healing comes from within- not from any external source outside ourselves.
We believe there are many ways to 'do' raw and that it's up to you to decide what works best for you and gives you the results you desire. 

The raw path is a path we start out on thinking about perhaps improving our health and wellbeing, yet this path does not end in simply better heath and disease reversal/prevention. This path leads to ongoing new discoveries, as your highest expression is allowed and supported and continues to thrive in these new conditions. This path leads to discoveries beyond anything we can even comprehend at this point. It opens us up to our connection with the Universe, each other, and who we really are. The insights experienced when we cleanse our bodies and provide them with the highest quality minerals and nutrients cannot be matched by any other means. It is the natural high people all over the world are taking artificial drugs to attempt to reach. Wellbeing, enthusiasm, passion, clarity, as well as our brain functioning in higher dimensions are all not only possible, it is who we were designed to be. It is our core self. When the layers of artificial living and clouded thinking are peeled back and we are stripped down to our true essence, our bodies and minds can then function in ways people without this awareness of experience cannot even begin to understand, coming from their current way of interpreting the world from a more limited viewpoint based on a mind and body whose cells are constructed from mass produced hamburgers and soda pops and who watch the mass programming on the "tell-a-vision". Are you currently loving and supporting your body, mind, spirit? Are you reaching higher and finding out new ways to expand yourself towards your unlimited potential? We are all energy beings, everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. We can choose for ourselves to vibrate at lower or higher frequencies. It starts from a thought, a desire, and then continues with inspired action. This site is dedicated to inspiring and assisting everyone who is on this path. My wise friend David Wolfe says that direction determines destination. What direction are you pointing towards? What results have you been getting and what results do you want? We live in the most amazing time and space. Let's find out together just how amazing it really is, and how amazing WE are!

It is not a belief I hold that raw foods are healthy nutritious life-giving foods that provide us with all that our bodies require to function in perfect balance. It is not a belief I hold that there is no need to count specific nutrients or calories or grams of this and that. It is simply a given, that nature has provided for all of us in abundance what we need, and has provided it in an already perfect form that we do not need to change to be able to absorb and assimilate.
I eat what looks, smells, tastes & feels good to me. I do not concern myself with anything else. It really is that simple. I love to eat food in its natural 'raw' 'whole' 'original' form because it feels good to me. It requires no effort to pick what I need from the earth. Food is everywhere! In every season and in every climate you will find plants and animals that live and thrive.
I feel that it makes more sense to plant a tree that will produce food throughout it's entire life, a tree that goes on to produce yet more trees, from the great abundance of fruits that drop to the earth.  Working to pay for food that is shipped from all over the world makes far less sense to me.  This imported food is typically grown in less than harmonious ways and picked early, it is ripened artificially in the store.  This food is nowhere near as fresh as food you pick from your own garden.  When you grow food yourself, you are conscious of what goes into creating that food (minerals, nutrients, LOVE, etc).  Food gives you back what you put into it.  It is a relationship with creation.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy creating it!
Have The Best Day Ever!!
-Ginger L. Robinson

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

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